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Saturday, October 29, 2011
~~Click on Sample to view full size~~
This Tutorial was written on October 28th, 2011 by Ashly
It is of my own creation and any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

Please do not copy and do not post elsewhere.
This tutorial is written as if you have a general knowledge on how to use the program.

***What you'll need***
Program of Choice.
I am using Photoshop CS5

Tube of choice.
I am using the artwork of Melissa Dawn
This is a Limited Edition Tube only available until October 31st, 2011
You can find that HERE along with all of her gorgeous work.

Kit of choice.
I am using a scrapkit called “Too cute to spook” by Kikeka Kits.
You can purchase that for use HERE

Mask of Choice
I am using Mask_6 by ChiChi Designs
You can snag that from HERE

Filters Needed
Xero – Clarity
Xero – Porcelain

~*~*~ Let's Get Started~*~*~

Open up a new canvas
600px x 600px.
Flood fill with white

Open Frame02
Copy and Paste onto your canvas and scale down to 65%
I added a bit of a bevel and an outer glow to mine as well as a drop shadow.

Open Paper09
Resize to 600px by 600px
Copy and paste onto your canvas and move this layer below your frame.
Use your magic wand and select inside of your frame
Select → Modify → Expand, by 5
Invert your selection and on the paper layer, press delete.

Open Paper07
Resize to 600px by 600px
Move this below your frame paper background and apply your mask here.

Now go to your tubes.
Select the one you would like on the outside of your frame.
I used the one titled “1”
Position and resize to your liking.

Filter → Xero → Clarity
All at Default.

Filter → Xero → Porcelain
All at default except the blue channel, slide that all the way to the left to 0.
Add a drop Shadow.

Now Go back to your tube and Copy and Paste Just the cat with wing (the one titled “4”) onto your canvas
Resize and position over the other tube so it looks like it's part of it
Once it's perfect do the same two filters as you did before.
Add an outerglow to this layer as well as a drop shadow.

Now we're going to go back to our tube and Get the kitten without the wing (layer “5”) and copy and paste it into your canvas.
Move this layer in between your frame and the paper frame background layers.
I flipped mine horizontally and then resize and reposition to your liking.
Once you have that, Ctrl + Click on your frame background paper thumbnail
Invert the selection and then on your new tube layer we've been working with press delete.
Change the blend mode to luminosity
Duplicate this layer.

On the new layer
Filter → Blur → Gaussian Blur, Radius of 5
Change the blend mode to overlay

Now we're just going to embellish a bit.
Do so to your liking and add drop shadow of choice.
Resize and position as you'd like to as well.

I used the following:

~ Between the mask and frame background layers~
String01 (no drop shadow)

~Above the frame but below the tube with the pumkins and light~

~Above the top tube layer~
Spider (I also added a bit of an outer glow here)

Add your name to your tag.

Image → Trim
Top left pixel color, all boxes checked.

Resize the image if you'd like to.

*****Most Important*****
Add your copyright info here!!

If you're not wanting to animate then hide the white background layer and save as a .png and you're done!

If you want to animate lets get started.

Go to your spider layer.
Duplicate it and “nudge” it 10 times. (with your move tool selected tap the up arrow key 10 times)

Duplicate this layer and nudge it 10 times, if you need to erase the bits of the string that extend above the bow and flower.

Duplicate again and nudge 10 times, erase the string.

I did this 9 times so that I have a total of 10 spider frames.

Now we're going to go to our tube image with the lightpost.
Zoom in a bit so we can see it well.
I used the polygonal lasso tool to select all the yellow parts of the post.
Duplicate the new layer.
On the original copied layer
Image → Adjustments → Black and White, just use the default settings.

Now hide all of the spider layers except the original spider you added.

Now we're going to go to our animation window.
(window → Animation)

I have my delay set to .15 seconds set to go forever.

Add a new animation layer.
Hide the original spider and unhide the first spider layer.
Go to your yellow light post pane layer and change the opacity of this one to 90%

Add a new layer in the animation window
Hide the spider you're one and unhide the next one up and change the opacity to 80%

Keep adding new layers and change the spider to the next one up and lowering the opacity by 10%
When you get to 0% you're going to start lowering your spider back down.

Once you get back to 80% your spider should be at the lowest point again so on the last animation layer only change the opacity of the flame layer to 90%

I ended with a total of 20 frames.

Press play to see your animation at work.

If you're happy with what you've done the save as a .gif and you're done!

Thank you for trying my tut!
I'd love to see any tags made from it!

If you have any questions feel free to email me!

Thanks again and Huge hugs!

Here is the non animated version!
~Click Sample to see at full size~


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