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Friday, September 30, 2011

~~Click on Sample to view full size~~
This Tutorial was written on September 30th, 2011 by Ashly
It is of my own creation and any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.
Please do not copy and do not post elsewhere.
This tutorial is written as if you have a general knowledge on how to use the program.

Remember Tutorials are just a guideline.  Add your own spin on it and make it your own!!!

 ~*~ Supplies Needed ~*~
Program of choice
I am using Photoshop CS5 Extended

Tube of Choice:
I am using the amazing work of Elias Chatzdouis
You must purchase a license to use his work and you can do so HERE

Kit Used:

Fright Night by Mythical Designs
You can purchase this kit for use HERE

Mask used:
WeeScotsLass Mask 218
You can get it HERE

Filters Needed:
Xero – Porcelain
Xero - Radiance

*~*~*Let's Get Started*~*~*
Open a New Canvas. 600px x 600px
flood fill with white.

Go to your kit and open up Frame3
Copy and paste it onto your canvas and then resize by 60%
Erase the small dots in the center of the frame.
Open paper3, resize so it's 600px x 600px
Cope and Paste it onto you canvas and move it below your frame layer
Use your magic wand to select inside of your frame
Select ---> Modify ---> Expand by 5, select inverse
Select your paper layer in the pallate and hit delete.

Open paper5 resize to 600px x 600px.
Move to just above your white background and apply your mask.

Click on your frame layer
Go to your tube and copy and paste it into your canvas.
Resize and position.
Duplicate this layer move the bottom one just below your frame just below.
Hide the one just above and then go to the one below and and erase any part that is outside of the frame.
Add a drop shadow.

Go to the top tube layer and erase any of the parts that are over your frame.
All the settings at default except the blue channel, slide that to 0.
Do something that's subtle that just brightens the tube back up a bit.
Filter ---> Sharpen ---> Unsharp Mask
Use default settings.
Duplicate this layer and on the top tube layer
Radius of 5.0
then change the blend mode to soft light.

Open element19
Copy, paste and resize and position.
I added an outer glow to give it the red glow around it and then erased the cloud and bat that is hanging off the right side.
Move the layer to behind the Frame background

Open element13
Copy, paste, resize and position, I also angled it to the right a bit.

Open element12
Copy, paste, resize and position, I also rotated this to my liking.

Open element7
Copy, paste, scale down and move this layer just above your frame background

Open element26
Copy, paste, scale down, rotate to the right and position just abobe the ribbon layer.
In the layer pallate move this to just above your top tube layer.

Open element21
Copy, paste, scale down to 50%, move to the upper left of the tag.
In the layer pallate move this to just above the mask layer.
Edit ---> Transform ---> Flip Horizontal
Edit ---> Transform ---> Flip Veritcal
Reposition this the the bottom Right of the tag.

Now we're going to work on the name.
NOTE: I did get learn this name portion from a different tutorial and modified it a bit to my liking but, I can't remember where now.

Open a new canvas.
I did 800px x 600 px.
Type out the name you'd like in a deep red color.
I used #9e0b0f
At size 250px
Right click on the text layer and Rasterize Type.
Now take a hard round brush, set at 7px, opacity 100%
Click towards the bottom of a letter where you want the blood drip with you mouse button still clicked, shit shift and draw a line down.
Do this for each letter where you want the drips, vary the size of the brush used I went from 3px – 7px.

Now click on Filter ---> Liquify
Use the following settings:

Then click the pucker tool
Got to your first drip and click near the base of the letter and drag down, releasing the mouse just before you reach the bottom so you get an nice sort of drip effect.
Wavering back and forth a bit is good here since blood doesn't drip in a straight line most of the time.

Now click the Bloat tool

Hover your mouse over each end drop and click and hold for a couple seconds each just to plump them up a bit.
Click okay once you're happy with the results.
Now, copy and paste this onto your tag canvas and scale it down and move it over to where you'd like it on the tag.

Add the following effects:

Reposition once more if you need to.

Open element27
Resize, add a drop shadow and a white outer glow, everything else at default and position so it looks like it's walking on the letters.

Go to Image ---> Trim.
With top left pixel color and all boxes check, click okay
Resize if you want to.

*~*~*~*~*Most Important*~*~*~*~*
Add your copyright information.

~Now for the animation~

Use your marquee tool to select a drop of blood of your choice from your name. Copy and paste as a new layer.
Deselect and use your eraser to erase the top of the drop if you need to get rid of a bit.
Duplicate and for now hide the duplicate layer.

Position the first 'drop' and the tip of the needle.
Go to you animation window and add a new layer.
With your move tool selected use your arrow key to move the blood drop down a ways.
Add a new layer and move it down a bit more.
Add a new layer and move it down a bit more.
Add a new layer and move it down a bit more and unhide the second drip and place it at the tip of the needle.
Create a new layer move both of the drips down a bit as you have been in the previous steps.
Add a new layer and hide the first drip but move the second down a bit.
Add a new layer and move it down a bit more
Do the same again.
Add a new layer and hide both drips and just have a couple of no drip layers.

Test your animation and see if you like how it looks.
Mine is set at repeat forever with the delay set at .2 seconds.
I have a total of 10 animation frames.

If you're happy with your results
File ---> Save for web & devices
Make sure you save as a .gif, where you want and by the name you want.

Ta Da! You're done!
If you have any questions feel free to email me.
I'd also love to see any results!!
I'll add them to my slideshow of results on my blog!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011
I made a tag a little while back and made this wordart for it.
I thought I'd share it with you, I hope you can make good use of it!!

Let me know if you like and/or download!!
Thanks & Huggles!

Not Shown at Full Size.
You can Download HERE

Here is a preview of the tag I made with the 2 Sweet 2 Handle Wordart :)
(Click the image to see full size tag)

Thanks for looking!
I participated in a Contest held by CDO one of the challenges was to write a tutorial with only things created entirely by us so, here is what I came up with!! I hope you like it!

~~~~ Click on Thumbnails to view full size tag ~~~~

This Tutorial was written on August 2nd, 2011 and is of my own creation.
Any similarities to another tutorial is purely coincidental.
Please do not copy or claim as your own.

*Supplies Needed*
 Program of choice
I used Photoshop CS3

Template by me you can download HERE

Tube(s) of Choice
I am using the awesome work of Dean Yeagle
You must purchase a license as well as the image to use it
You can do so HERE at CDO

***Filters Needed***
Mura's Meister's – Copies
Xero – Porcelain
Penta – Jeans
Jeux de lignex - Entralacement
Xero – Fritillary
Eye Candy 4000- HSB Noise (For animation)

*~* Remember that all tutorials are guidelines!! Add your own spin on this and make it your own creation*~*

~Let's Get Started~

Open the Template
Image ---> Duplicate, Okay
Close the Original

Delete the Credits Layer

Expand the canvas
Image---> Canvas size
I did 650 px x 650 px

Go to background layer and flood fill the new portions of the canvas with white

Click + Click on thumbnail of large circle layer
Create new layer and flood fill selection with a color from your tube
Deselect and delete the original large circle layer

Paste your tube onto your canvas

Filter ---> MuRa's Meister ---> Copies
Default setting but change the bottom left drop down to Wallpaper(rotate)

Ctrl + Click on the new colored large circle thumbnail in the layer pallate
Select ---> Inverse and with the rotated tube layer click delete

Filter ---> Pixelate ---> pointillize
Cell size of 8, click okay
Change the blend mode to Luminosity

Create new Layer above the Large Circle back
Ctrl + Click on the large circle back thumbnail in the layer pallate and flood fill the selection on the new layer with a color of your choice.
Deselect and change the blend mode to Color

Copy and past your tube onto the Canvas again
Resize, erase and adjust to your liking
Add a drop shadow.

Filter ---> Xero ---> Porcelain
All default settings except slide the blue channel all the way to the left to 0
Click okay

Filter ---> Sharpen ---> Unsharp Mask
Amount: 50%
Radius: 1.0 pixels
Threshold: 0 levels

Select two colors from your tube as your foreground and Background color
Select your gradient tool

Create a new Layer above your right small circle
Add your gradient, deselect and then delete the original right small circle layer
With the new right small circle layer selected
Filter ---> Penta ---> Jeans

Create a new layer below the layer we're working with
Ctrl + Click
Select ---> Modify ---> Expand by 4
On the new layer you just made flood fill with one of your two colors
With the background layer you just created selected
Filter ---> Noise ---> Add Noise
Amount 15%

Repeat this process for the left small circle but use the other color of the two you selected
I actually used a green just slightly darker than the

Make a new layer above the Right Square Ctrl + Click the square and flood fill with color of your choice. Delete the original right square layer.
Click on your brush tool selected, choose a small soft round brush and choose a lighter color than what you had for the main color of the right square.
Create a new layer just above it
Ctrl + Click on the square and then draw some squiggles in the selection you made on the new layer.
Filter ---> Blur ---> Gaussian Blur ---> 10 pixels
Merge those two layers together
Filter ---> Jeux de lignex ---> Entralacement
The numbers set at the following:
0, 0, 0, 2, 1, 25, 25, 0

Repeat this with the left Square layer.

Add your tube to the two square where you'd like them.
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+B (converts to B&W) Use default settings in the box that pops up
Change blend mode to Soft light

Create a new layer above the three rectangles towards the bottom of the layer list.
Select each but flood fill all on the new layer with the same color and delete the originals
With the following setting

Go to your background layer and create a new layer
Flood fill the new layer with a color of your choice
Add a mask to this layer and invert
With your brush tool selected get a soft round brush size 350 px
And click once in the middle of the circle and it should show through as some new color from the mask

Recolor your word art as you'd like to.
I added a Bevel to the Oops...
I added noise with the same settings as before to the background of that as well as a drop shadow
Then I added a bevel, drop shadow and outer glow to the I did it again portion

Add your name to the Tag

Image ---> Trim
Top Left Pixel
all boxes to trim selected

Resize to the size you'd like

***Most Important***
Add your Copyright Info

Now, you can stop here, hide your background layer and save as a .png or .jpeg
Or onto the animation :D

Merge Your 4 small circle layers together
Duplicate the final layer of them all 4 times so there is now a total of 5 layers

Click on the bottom layer
Filter ---> Eye Candy 4000 --- HSB Noise
With the following Settings:
7, 14, 26, 0, 0.14, 0.14, smooth fractal and seamless tile checked
Repeat this on each of your layers hitting random seed each time
Open your animation window
Add enough Animation layers so there are 5 total
hide all of your layers in your layer palatte and then unhide them one at a time to correspond with each of the animation windows.

Make sure the you have it set on forever and the delay time set at 0.15 sec
Press play to make sure you like the effect

Then you just need to save as a .gif

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + S

Click save and then name it what you'd like to and click save again.

You're done!!
Way to go and I hope you enjoyed doing my tutorial!
Please feel free to send in any results so I can see what you come up with!
Here is What the unanimated version looks like:

~~Click on Sample to view full size~~
This Tutorial was written on September 24th, 2011 by Ashly
It is of my own creation and any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.
Please do not copy and do not post elsewhere.
This tutorial is written as if you have a general knowledge on how to use the program.

Remember Tutorials are just a guideline.  Add your own spin on it and make it your own!!!

 ~*~ Supplies Needed ~*~
Program of choice
I am using Photoshop CS5 Extended

Tube of Choice:
I am using an Exclusive tube from Pics For Design by Anna Marine
You MUST purchase a license to use this tube do not use without doing so.
You can purchase the license HERE
And you have to subscribe to the Exclusive club to be able to download it.
You get 4 tubes with the one month subscription

Kit Used:
Eternal Twilight by Alikas Scraps
You can get it HERE
It's an awesome kit with 14 Papers and 80 Elements
Countless Possibilities for tags!!!

Mask used:
WeeScotsLass Mask 128
You can get it HERE

Filters Needed:
Xero, Radiance & Porcelain
Eye Candy 4000, Gradient Glow

******Let's Get Started****

Open up a blank document 600px x 600 px
Flood Fill with white

Open as75
Copy and paste
Hit Ctrl +T and scale down to 55%, make sure that the chain is linked between them so it scales with the same proportions, rotate -15 degrees (along the tool part it looks like a triangle where you'll enter this in), Hit Enter and then move the frame towards the left.

Duplicate the layer and go to, Edit ---> Transform ---> Flip Horizontal.
Reposition this layer towards the bottom right.

Open paperas06.
Edit ---> Image size ---> 600px x 600 px
Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C, go to tag canvas and hit Ctrl + V.
Drag under your frames.

Get your magic wand tool.
Click inside of each of your frames.
Select ---> Modify ---> Expand.
Expand by 5, Okay.

Invert Selection (Ctrl + Shift + I)
While on your paper later, click delete.
Deselect (Ctrl + D)

Go to your tube and copy and paste it onto your canvas.
Resize and position.
Duplicate the tube later and drag the bottom later below the frames.

Erase anything at the bottom of the bottom tube that may be outside the frame.
Add a drop shadow to the bottom tube layer.

Select the top tube layer.
Filter ---> Xero ---> Porcelain
All default setting except change the blue channel to 0.

Filter ---> Xero ---> Radiance
Do something subtle that fits your tube and doesn't make it to dark or to bright.

Filter ---> Sharpen ---> Unsharp Mask
Use Default settings.

Now click on your frame layer that she's over.
Ctrl + Right mouse click on the thumb in the layers pallate (this'll select the frame)
Use your eraser tool to erase any of the bottom of the tube that should be 'behind' the frame.
Deselect and erase any bits that are extended beyond it as well.
Duplicate this layer.
Edit ---> Transform ---> Flip Horizontal
Move the layer below the bottom tube layer and then adjust her so she's below the other frame.
You may wish to resize a little as well.
Ctrl + Right click on the thumbnail of the frame background layer.
Invert Selection and on your new tube layer delete.

Duplicate the Tube.
On the bottom tube change blend mode to Luminosity.
On the top change the blend mode to Soft Light and apply
Filter ---> Blur ---> Gaussian Blur, with the radius at 5.0 pixels.

Select all the layers, except the white background in the layers pallate.
Edit ---> Transform ---> Scale.
Scale to 90% (make sure you do both Horizontal and Vertical)
Take your move tool and adjust position slightly.

Open up aspaper14.
Rize to 600px x 600px
Copy and paste
Move to just above the white background
Apply Mask.

Add any elements that you'd like to along with a drop shadow.
I used the following:

(I added a thin gradient glow to each of this with Eye Candy 4000)


Add your name.
I added a stroke, soften bevel and drop shadow to mine.

Image ---> Trim
Top Left Pixel Color selected, along with all boxes checked, click okay

Resize if you'd like to.

****Most Important***
Add your copyright information

Hide the white background layer
Save as a .png if you want to keep the transparency and you're done!!

Awesome Job!!
I'd love to see results.

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