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Thursday, November 22, 2012

~~Click on Sample to view full size~~
This Tutorial was written on November 22nd, 2012 by Ashly
It is of my own creation and any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

Please do not copy and do not post elsewhere.
Do not translate or script.
This tutorial is written as if you have a general knowledge on how to use the program.

***What you'll need***
Program of Choice.
I am using Photoshop CS5
But, if you know your tools you can use any program of choice

Tube Of Choise
I am using the awesome artwork of Danny Lee
You can find this tube HERE
Be sure to check out all the awesome tubes he has while you're there

Template of Choice
I used Template071 by Dave @ Spawn's Forum Set Templates
You can find them HERE

Additional Filters needed
VanDerLee – Unplugged-X
VanDerLee – Unplugged – Effects
MuRa's Meister - Copies

~*~*~ Let's Get Started~*~*~

Open the template
Delete the credits layer

Add the full tube above the Main Background Layer
MuRa's Meister Copies → Wallpaper (rotate)
All at Default

Filter → Blur → Motion Blur
Angle of 35
Distance of 550 pixels

Filter → Sharpen → Sharpen Edges x3
Filter → Sharpen → Sharpen more x2

Change the blend mode of the Black Dots to Soft Light

Select Bottom Right Foreground
Copy and Paste the tube copied layer we did with the blur
Delete the original Bottom Right Foreground
Duplicate the duplicate we just made
Filter → VanDerLee → Unplugged-X → Pattern Offset
Change the blend mode to soft light
Select the Bottom right lines and on the Pattern offset one press delete
Delete the Bottom right lines now
Add an outerglow to the layer we just deleted some from

Repeat this all with the upper left triangle

In the middle add your tube a few times, changing the size and angle a bit a few times, sort of like I did with the show in the example
Merge all together
Change the blend mode to luminosity and opacity at 50%

Add your tube to the two rectangles between the pattern offset layers and the solid background layers
Change the blend modes to overlay, opacity at 50%

Change the colors of the Dash Dot Lines to match the tube/set
I added a bit of a stroke to it as well as a bevel

Add your main tube to your canvas
Resize and position to your liking
On the top one
Filer → Blur → Gaussian Blur, 3.0
Change the blend mode to soft light

On the bottom one add a drop shadow

Duplicate the background layer we made 4 times
Hide the original

On the first one
Filter → Un-Plugged → Effects → Disco lights
First at except rotation at 25

On the second one repeat the filter, change the rotation to 50

The next at 75

The next at 100

Change all 4 layers to soft light

Add your name to you tag

Select it all and add two new layers on the bottom add a stroke of black in 10, change the blend mode to overly
On the top add a stroke of 6 in a color that suits the tag
Filter → Noise → Add Noise
Monochromatic, Gaussian, 12.5%

*****Most Important*****
Add your copyright information!!

Now go to your animation window and unhide all but one of the animation layers
Add a new layer, hide the first and unhide the second
Add a new layer hide the second and unhide the third
Add a new layer hide the third and unhide the fouth

I have my delay set to .15 sec

Press play and if you're happy with your animation and tag save as a .gif and you're done!

Now for the Avi

Create a new Canvas 150px by 200px
Flood fill with black

On your banner merge all but your name and the borders
Drag the black background we just made over
Create a clipping mask
Resize and repostion the banner as you'd like in the avi
Merge them
Drag it back over to the other canvas

Add borders as we did before
Add your name or initial

***Most important***
Add your copyright information

Save to your liking and you're done!


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