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Saturday, February 18, 2012

~~Click on Sample to view full size~~
This Tutorial was written on February 18th, 2012 by Ashly
It is of my own creation and any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

Please do not copy and do not post elsewhere.
Do not translate or script.
This tutorial is written as if you have a general knowledge on how to use the program.

***What you'll need***
Program of Choice.
I am using Photoshop CS5

Tube of choice.
I am using the artwork of FourXsDesigns
This one is called “Dimples” and comes with multiple layers to basically choose which color you want each piece of the outfit and hair to be :D
Use must purchase a license to use her gorgeous artwork and can do so HERE

Blingies of Choice
I used two from HERE
I chose one of the star sort of twinks for the tag and the heart for the avatar.

Filter Needed
MuRa's Meisters – Copies
Venderlee – Unplugged X

~*~*~ Let's Get Started~*~*~

Start a new canvas
600px by 250px

Open your tube and choose the layers that you're wanting for this particular set.
Make sure all others you don't want are hidden and the merge your layers together.
Add your tube to your canvas

Filter → MuRa's Meister's → Copies
Wallpaper (rotate), all at default

Filter → Blur → Motion Blur.
Angle – 15 degrees, Distance – 200 pixels

Filter → Sharpen → Sharpen More
Filter → Sharpen → Sharpen Edges
Filter → Sharpen → Sharpen Edges
Filter → Sharpen → Sharpen Edges

Add your tube to your canvas again.
Resize and position to the right of your tag to your liking.
Once you're happy with that, add a drop shadow to your tube.
Duplicate this layer, delete the drop shadow from the duplicate
Filter → Blur → Gaussian blur, 3.0 pixels
Change the blend mode to soft light

Duplicate your main tube layer again, delete the drop shadow once more
Flip horizontally and drag below the other two tube layers
Reposition on the left side of the tag
Change the blend mode to luminosity and the opacity to about 25%

Add an outerglow to the main tube layer with the drop shadow on it already.

Duplicate your background layer and drag the layer about your faded on the left side tube

Filter → Venderlee → Unplugged X, pattern Offset
Change the blend mode to soft light

Type out with a pixel font the word dimples or a word of your choice, add a stroke of 2 with a color from the hair of the tube we're using (mine is purple :) )

Add 4 spaces after it and highlight it then copy it repeatedly until it spans across your tag.

Position towards the top of your tag. It'll be below your main tubes but above everything else in your layers pallate.

Duplicate your text layer and rotate it 180 degrees and move towards the bottom of your tag.

Use your rectangular marquee tool to drag out a long rectangle just around your text at the top, flood fill with white, change the blend mode to soft light as well and add an inner glow, lower the opacity to 50% and drag below your text layer.
Duplicate it and position around your other text layer.

At the top add two new layers
Drag out a marquee to select the whole canvas
On the bottom of the two new layers

Edit → stroke
Width of 8 px, color black, location center
Okay and change the blend mode to overlay

On the top new layer
Edit → Stroke
Width of 4px, color the same as what's around your text, location center
Filter → Noise → add noise
15%, Gaussian, monochromatic

Add your name to your tag

*****Most Important*****
Add your copyright information

Now we're going to add the twink in between our words, highlight them all when you open it in your program, add it, place it, duplicate them all and reposition, duplicate and reposition, continue doing so until you have on between each of the words that are visible.

Now we're going to go to the animation window.

Set the delay to .1 seconds, set to repeat forever.

All the first layer of the twink should be currently visible and nothing else
Add a new layer in the animation window pallate, change them all from the first layer to the second layer.
Keep doing this until you're to the last layer.
Press play to make sure it's working like it's supposed to.

If you're happy with it save as a .gif and you're done with the tag part of this tutorial.

Now start a new canvas 75px by 150px
flood fill with black.
On your original tag, hide all the text layers and the twink layers
merge all your layers together and drag the black layer from our new canvas over and below your merge layers
Create a clipping mask from it and resize down until you're happy with how it looks, mere them together and drag it over to our new small canvas.

Add the strokes around this like we did with our main tag

Add your copyright info like we did with the main tag

Add your name like you did with the main tag

Add your heart twink just like we did before and safe it and a .gif once you're happy with it and you're done!!


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