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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

~~Click on Sample to view full size~~
This Tutorial was written on September 10th, ‎2013 by Ashly
It is of my own creation and any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

Please do not copy and do not post elsewhere.
Do not translate or script.
This tutorial is written as if you have a general knowledge on how to use the program.

***What you'll need***
Program of Choice.
I am using Photoshop CS5
But, if you know your tools you can use any program of choice

Tube of choice.
I am using the artwork of Tatjana Art
You must purchase a license to use her tubes and can do so HERE

Texture of Choice
I am using 02 by AnOrderOfFishsticks
You can find this for download HERE

Brush of Choice
I am using french4 by Obsidian Dawn
You can find these for download HERE

Addittional Filters
PhotoEffex – Scanlines
Xenofex 2 – Constellation

~*~*~ Let's Get Started~*~*~

Start a new canvas
600px by 250px

Choose two colors from your tube
Add a gradient to your canvas
You can use mine as a sample for how you might want it to look

Add your tube to your canvas at verious sizes and different points, once again, use mine for a bit on an example of what to do here.

Once you have them where you're wanting them, Merge all the tubes together and change the blend mode to luminosity

Duplicate this layer
Filter → Blur → Gaussian Blur, 3.0 px
Change the blend mode to soft light
Filter → PhotoEffex → Scanlines, change the width to 3

Add the texture to the canvas
Position how you'd like
I rotated mine 90 degree clockwise
Resize a bit if you'd like as well

Using your custom shapes tool, add a new layer above the texture
Draw out a couple of hearts how you'd like them and then select them and press delete on the texture layer
Delete the custom shape layer once you're done with this
Add a drop shadow to the texture layer

Duplicate your main gradient background layer and move to the top of your canvas
Change the blend mode to color

Add a new layer
Select inside the two hearts
Use the brush french4 to stamp out the writing inside both of the hearts in white
Change the blend mode to soft light
Lower the opacity to 50%

Now write out believe in love a couple of times and place on your canvas
You can use mine as a sample again :)
Have this in black
Change the blend mode to overlay

Add your main tube to your canvas.
Center it as you'd like it.
I erase a bit of the ribbon that was still showing on the right
Duplicate this layer once you're happy with it's size and position
Filter → Blur → Gaussian Blur, 3.0px, change the blend mode to soft light
To the bottom on add a drop shadow

Add a new layer
Edit → Stroke
Center, Black, 12px
Change the blend mode to overlay

Add your name

*****Most Important*****
Add your copyright information

If you're not wanting to animate you're done!
Save to your liking.

If you do want to animate on we go!

Crop your canvas to it's size
Go down to your texture layer
Duplicate 3 times so you have a total of 4 texture layers
using your magic wand select inside the two hearts

Filter → Xenofex 2 → Constellation
With the following settings:

Repeat this for the following 3 layers
Hit random seed once before you hit okay on each one.

Hide all of the texture layers except for the bottom one
Open the animation window
Change the delay to .15 seconds, set to repeat forever

Add a new layer and hide the first layer, unhide the second
Add a new layer hide the second layer, unhide the third
Add a new layer hide the third layer, unhide the fourth

Press play and watch your animation go!
If you're happy with your results safe as a.gif and you're done!

For the avi:

Hide the name, credits, border and main tubes layers.
Start a new canvas 200 px by 200 px
Select all of the still visible layers of our original canvas
Drag them over to our new smaller canvas
Move the layers around a bit until they're where you're wanting them
(I just showed the top right heart portion in the middle of my avi)

Crop down to the size of this new smaller canvas when you're happy with what is visible

Add the border as we did before but use a stroke size of 6 for this one
Add your name

****Most important*****
Add your copyright information

Animate it just as we did the banner

Save to your liking (if you animated or not)
And you're done!


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